Lewis Colam – US Rowed Trip


A big thank you to everyone who emailed me and donated to the charity whilst I was away. I have now completed the Marathon des Sables but since I am still nursing my feet I think it is appropriate that the donation link remains open. So please throw a few dollars towards an incredible cause by clicking here.

Thanks for your support,


On June 12th I finished an unsupported and solo 1800 mile row from Mimi to New York City raising over $30 000 for Alzheimer’s research in the process. 

You can read more about my journey and see just how hairy my face finally got by clicking on the US Rowed Trip tab.

As I didn’t reach my fund raising target of $50 000 it is about time for another adventure. With just 60 days to train I will attempt to run the Marathon des Sables; a 150 mile run across the Sahara Desert. Click Running the Sahara to read more.

How to support the cause:

Please help support this fantastic cause where every single dollar makes a huge difference by clicking the giant icon below and donating to help Alzheimer’s research. 


Thanks to sponsors for helping this happen: Iamfine, checkin service for those living alone. inFood, for nutrition info and calorie counting and Carecircles.co


  1. Good Luck Lewis
    Hope to greet you when you arrive in Palm Coast Florida.
    This is where the idea for Iamfine was born.
    from Paul’s Mum

  2. So excited for you….wish I was coming with you. Not to row mind. Just look around. Good luck my love xx

  3. Best of luck..I live on the NJ coast neat Sandy Hook. You will cross here about 30 miles from the finish line. I will try to be out there waving as you come through.

    • Doug,
      Thats great – I’ll look out for you there. Feel free to jump in any boat you have access to and join me for a section of the trip (as much or as little as you can commit to). And drop me an email anytime. I will keep an eye out for you on the coast.

  4. Lewis,
    Good luck on the row. We are looking forward to seeing you row into New York Harbor in a few months

  5. Good luck! As a former rower/ rowing coach and granddaughter of someone afflicted with alzheimer’s, I truly wish you a safe and lucrative trip! Hopefully you already have your hands nice and calloused, if not I recommend taking some tea bags to hold to painful blisters. I can’t say exactly why it works, only that it does! If you haven’t told US Rowing about your cause and challenge yet, you definitely should try to before you go. Row 2K is another great website to publicize on!

  6. Wishing you the very best of luck. May god lead your way safely. Our family Thank-you ….. we have to do our very best to find a cure for this awful disease.

  7. All the best Lewis, we’re all cheering you on here at Holborn! Hope the launch goes well

  8. Lewis,
    Wishing you all the luck and good weather in the world! We live in an apartment building on the beautiful Intracoastal in Hillsboro Beach (just north of Pompano Beach), so hope to see you out there rowing sometime later this afternoon! All your energetic work will turn to enjoyment on your very memorable journey visiting the sights along the way and meeting nice people! Thanks for helping this worthy charity- in hopes of curing Alzheimer’s Disease! More young people should be like you and be able to follow their dreams…Oh yes,don’t forget the sunblock!

  9. Via con Dios…. Its exciting to see/hear someone doing what we would all like to do if we had the chance…. “Damn the torpedoes… full speed ahead.!!!!”

  10. I had the honor of meeting Lewis tonight as I helped him tie up to the dock at Capone’s Flickerlite Pizza in Hollywood, Florida. He joined our family for dinner and shared his first days experience. I hope people along his route show him some hospitality and look out for his well being. He has a big challenge ahead of him although with support of the community he will succeed! His family should be proud of his determination and sense of adventure. He is a fine young man, good luck.

    • Keith

      It was great to meet your family. Thaks for inviting me to dinner. It was a happy memory when I got caught in a downpour today


  11. Best wishes for a safe and fruitful journey.

  12. good luck I live in Oregon so I won’t be able to see you,but I work in care giving and see how badly alzheimer’s affects people and their family’s what your doing is great hope you make it ok!

  13. Good luck; your objective is full clear so go for it!! Do not look back, nothing may distract you. I will try to get feed back of your progress at least once 48 hours.

  14. I am always glad when I see that the spirit of adventure is still alive and well in a few couragious individuals. I respect and admire you for your effort… Have a great trip!

  15. “It’s all about the journey!”

    Kudos to making it about a great cause…good luck Lewis.

  16. Go Lewis! Cheering you on from sunny Florida, hoping for a funfilled, safe adventure for you as you travel to chilly New York! Enjoy! Looking forward to following your story.

  17. Best of luck on your journey! Be safe!

  18. Lewis, I admire your journey very much. My mom was diagnosed with Alsz over 5 years ago and her condition is too puzzling and contradictory for my siblings and me to have ever believed that opinion. You are brave and most right to be raising support for more research. I wish I lived along the east coast to applaud for you or offer you dinner. I will ask Cuba’s “Lady of Charity” (La Virgen de la Caridad), who herself appeared to 3 fisherman with THEIR oars, out at sea, in Oriente, Cuba, to look over your rowing…

    • Jose
      Thank you for your support

      I could have done with the lady of charity when I got caught in bad weather recently but guess my fortunes are due to change as the wind eases

      Tell me if I’m passing you and I’ll give a wave


  19. Lewis, I admire your enthusiasm and sense of adventure. Here in America, we believe anything is possible. You can do it! I love the fact that you are doing it for a good cause.

  20. I wish you all the luck in the world, I think this is just awsome that you are doing this. I am in Raleigh North Carolina, but when I find out when you are coming through NC, we’re making a road trip to the beach to cheer you on. My daughter says “good luck and see ya out there dude.”

  21. God bless you, Lewis! I pray for a safe and successful voyage. What an inspiration you are.

  22. Lewis,

    My dad rowed for Syracuse University in th 40s. He died 6 years ago due to complications from Alzheimer’s. He would be impressed by what you are doing!

    I am there with you in spirit on your trip. When you get to NJ I would like to take you out to dinner to hear about your experiences.

    I will post your link on my Facebook page and let my friends know about what you are doing.

    Best to you,


  23. Lewis,

    Best of luck! When I was 24, I unicycled 2400 miles across the USA, from Los Angeles to Cincinnati, over the course of 84 days. I did it with no chase vehicle, just me, my unicycle, and what supplies I could carry. I can tell you that if you have enough determination, you’ll make it, period. I’ve read all the people that say this is impossible, and you already know that it isn’t. You’ve got determination- that’s 99% of it. Also, you’re going to be surprised by all the people who come out of nowhere to help you along with food, places to stay, and general good wishes. So, I’m no rower- but having done a long-endurance trip like this, I can say with more certainty than anyone that you’ve already done the hard part, and that’s committing to this journey. Enjoy the trip and be prepared to see how many good people really are out there!


  24. Good luck Lewis.
    I wish you the very best on this wonderful adventure and will keep you in my prayers. May you have a safe journey. My father-in-law passed away from Alzheimer’s and I saw how hard it was on the family. Good luck and be safe.

  25. Lewis

    The very best to you! Enjoy your adventure, many thanks for your spirited efforts to help raise money for the cure. Will be with you in spirit, and will pledge money in your name as well. Good Luck, and be safe!

  26. My thoughts are with you. One brave young man you are and for a wonderful cause. I hope your travels are safe and I am anxious to hear how your journey is unfolding.

    I am in Pennsylvania and it has done a little bit of everything here today.

    Happy travels and keep us posted!!

  27. Lewis,
    Having read your story today on the Huffington Post, I wish you the best of luck on this inspirational effort. Having just lost my father-in-law to Alzheimer’s this past month, we struggle to find solace in his passing. Spirited individuals such as yourself, help us in our recovery. May you find fair skies and calm seas my friend.

    One more thing…THANK YOU.

  28. Oh my gosh. Lewis! You seem so cool. Good luck on your amazing journey for an amazing cause!! (: You can do it. I know you can, and I’ve never met or heard about you until today.

  29. What a great mission you’re on. I am praying for you to have a safe journey and to reach your goal. I will be making a donation and praying for your safety. Good luck and God Bless!

  30. I’m rooting for you Lewis. Take care, be safe and have a wonderful journey!

  31. Good luck. Wear gloves and stay hydrated.
    We need more people willing to challenge themselves and the world.
    “See” you at the finish line.

  32. The very best of luck to you my friend. You are a great guy to do take on such a mission. I bet mom will be happy when you are back home again.

    Again, the best of luck to you.

  33. Go get ’em Lewis!

    I’ve read many stories about folks like Joshua Slocum and others (read “A Speck on the Sea”) and they always inspire me. I’m not sure why but they do. This is a great endeavor weather you make it or not! But we are rooting for you!

    I am flying my own personal plane down to Florida later in the month (about March 22) and I may take a detour to see if I can find you enroute. Will you be reporting your GPS position regularly?


    Dan Mooney
    Manchester, CT

  34. Lewis –

    Thank you so much for bringing more attention to this hideous disease!!! My mother is currently living the nightmare and our family, as is anyone’s who is watching their loved one dwindle to nothing, is incredibly sad. I live in Columbus, Ohio (my Mom lives in Cincinnati), so we won’t be able to personally be involved with your journey, but wish you the best and will donate as much as we can to the cause. Alzheimers needs to be in the forefront of the world’s attention – just as much as breast cancer. I don’t know if people realize the epidemic we’re heading towards with this disease!! May you have good weather and calm seas (and some good tunes on your I-Pod!). Take Care – Teri

  35. All the best !

  36. Good Luck!!! Your story is very inspiring I’ll be following you via computer 🙂

  37. Safe travels Lewis. This is such a noble undertaking and I wish you all the best!

  38. Hi Lewis,

    Wishing you all the best on your journey. We live near the Belmar Marina. It’s just south of Sandy Hook, New Jersey. If you are in the area and are in need of anything please contact me. Our family will do what we can to help you out. ~Judy~

  39. Good luck and God speed.
    With all the determination you have, you will surely make it.
    I will be following your journey.

  40. Lewis, I live way on the other side of the country in California. But I admire your courage to make this journey so much. I wish that someday when I get a few years older I can do something to help others just like you are. It would be amazing to meet you with your ambition and drive! I wish you luck and I will be praying for the best weather possible for you, be careful!

  41. Lewis. I want to be a part of this. I live in Charlotte and could be off the coast of North Carolina in 4 hours. I would like to rent a row or power boat to keep you company. Do you have a estimate of when you will near Myrtle Beach? My number is 203 767 3779.

  42. Good Luck to you, Lewis….I live on the other side of the U.S., otherwise I would be out there to cheer you on!! I have a son your age so as a mother, I am terrified for you…but as a fellow human being….I think what you are doing is awesome and courageous!! You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers!! Have a great trip!! =)

  43. Hi Lewis – I am so proud of you for making this challenge…what a great idea and a super champion feat. I wish you all the luck on your journey and on your donations for a really great cause. I know the entire coastal area you are going to be journeying. It is really most pleasant waters with abundant safe harbors to rest and enjoy the sights. The only allegators are found throughout Florida’s East Coast. If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. God will watch over you on your journey. Wish I could travel with you on your trip but ……you know, that’s not going to happen. Be good, be safe, have fun too. Matt

  44. Good luck to you! I am a nurse who has worked with Alzheimer’s disease for many years. It is so sad to watch what the patient and family have to go through! We so need a cure!!! May God Bless you journey….. I will keep you in prayer! Nurse Nancy (:

  45. May the Lord be with you. Keep safe and enjoy the sights as they will be boring at times. Be sure to use sun screen. Made the trip years ago in a 29′ trawler. Loved every minute of it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Good luck buddy! Hope all goes well….Great cause…btw

  47. Lewis,

    WOW, this is awesome!! I live down the Jersey Shore, Ill be following you on here to see where you are and hopefully my kids and I will be out waving at you as you row by. Good Luck to you..stay safe!

  48. “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

    ~ Anne Frank

    This is exactly what you are doing Lewis, what an incredible way to take action.
    My family and I are supporting you all the way!
    Good luck and be safe!

  49. I had the pleasure of meeting Lewis…..twice. While on a boat I met him toward the end of the first day of his journey. He asked me how far to West Lake, his chosen spot to stop for his first night. Not knowing who he was I asked him how far he was going. When he responded with “New York”, I looked at his boat and wondered in my head, “Is this guy crazy”? We spoke for about 15 minutes and he explained his plans to me. At the end of the conversation all I could think was how impressed I was with the adventure he was embarking upon and the reason for which he was taking on this challenge. I wished him the best of luck and off he rowed. I couldn’t help but laugh at our second meeting. While out to lunch with my mom for her birthday at a restaurant on the water, literally as I was showing my mom Lewis’ website and telling her about him, coincidentally there he was rowing by…..2 days after our first meeting! We spoke again for a bit and off he went again to continue his journey. Lewis, I imagine you are an inspiration to many people, myself certainly included. Good luck and Godspeed on your adventure. If you have any problems you know how to reach me.

  50. Good luck to you my crazy crazy friend…. I am thinking about you out there on your little boat. Keep up the great work… Everyone here at q is very proud of you!


  51. You can do it Lewis, were all very proud of you, our World has become a better place to live because of people like yourself that are able to give whatever it takes to get the job done.

  52. Hang in there man…. if you need an extra rower let me know…but if I were you Id hang in there even when it seems like what the f am I doing….that will pass and you’ll have something this 52 year old Bronx kid envies very much…we all may have grand dreams of something like this…its truly a man of integrity to actually do it….God bless you and you will see sooooo much and learn soooo much what an adventure…and when you come by the Jersey shore…I will give a shout out if I am able at time. What a workout!!! and for a damn good cause.

  53. Ron
    Always happy to be joined by anyone on route. See
    My sat progress to get an idea where I am or call me any time on 352 214 6606

    Take care,

  54. Lewis,
    Good to meet you at the SailFish Marina, Singer Island, Fl, last night.
    Hope your camp out on Peanut Island was OK.
    Good luck on your journey, I’ll be following on the WEB and send out a “COCONUT TELEGRAPH” to my friends.
    Aye Aye Matie !

  55. What you are doing has moved me deeply Lewis.Your mum and Neil are keeping me updated! Alzheimers is a desperately cruel and distressing disease for the sufferers and their families,thankyou for your courage in what you’re doing to bring greater awareness and resources for research.This means so much to me,my mother has Alzheimers and the sadness at how it has affected both her and my father is immense.The very best of luck,wish I could be there to meet you at the end! Proud to know you.
    Kim xx

  56. From all of us at World of Boating thanks for a great interview yesterday and we wish you the best of luck on your noble and worthwhile endeavour!
    We’ll try to check back with you in a couple of weeks so our listeners can be updated on your progress.

    Capt. Patrick
    World of Boating

  57. Louis is back on his way, left Jensen Beach this morning at 6:30 am. I met Louis on the first night of his journey in Hollywood, Florida and bought him dinner. Yesterday, I ran up to my condo in Jensen Beach, grabbed the boat and found Louis who was tired and in need of rest. He came to the condo on the St. Lucie River, for a shower, waged clothes, took a nap and repacked his belongings. He was treated to a steak dinner at Peters Steak House in downtown Jensen Beach and had a good nights sleep in a comfortable bed before resuming his journey.

    Please everyone look for him and cheer him on which motivates him to continue. If you have the means, treat him to a meal, he is grateful for anything. Keep him in your prayers.

    Keeping going Louis!

  58. WOW..that was really nice of you to go out of your way for this worthy cause and brave man…can you imagine if Louis is treated half as well the rest of his adventure…that would truly be involvement and grassroots teamwork truly made my day to hear this…I am on Jersy shore had my own miracle at 52 unemployed for 2 years 364 days will start new job tomorrow a real job…if I am able,.. I too will help Louis when the time comes and he is passing this way.

  59. Give a shout if you need a place to stay when passing through Savannah, Georgia. My cell is 912-658-6212. We can also paddle some with you on paddleboards.

  60. Wow that is a long way. I can’t even imagine driving from Florida to NewYork let alone rowing. It’s good to see people doing big things, for a big cause. Good luck and stay safe.

  61. Good luck Lewis! You definitely have a ways ahead of you but I’m going to help your cause out as much as I can!


  62. Brought Lewis some ice and a sandwich and drink today as he was passing by Grant Farm Island in the Indian River Lagoon. Says his knee is bothering him a bit and his hands have blisters despite the gloves he’s wearing. He was in good spirits and was very thankful for the kind gesture. I hope others step up and support him as he progresses north. Don’t know if he or I was more excited to see each other. Meeting him was very inspirational and I wish him all the best. You da man, Lewis!

  63. Adam,

    Thanks again for bringing me something to eat. The highlight of my day and it stopped me from going insane out there all on my own.

    Take care and thanks for the support


  64. Ahoy! Just wanted to commend you on your brilliance. Stay positive. You’re almost there. My mom’s boyfriend Rodney and his two girls, Taylor and Alexis just came home from visiting you! They were so excited to tell me about what you are doing. I’m glad to see you’re doing well.

    I wish you the best, Lewis.

    Laila, of Indialantic, Florida

  65. One more thing:

    I am assisting you in spreading the word to world.

    Peaceful travels.

    Laila, of Indialantic, Florida

  66. Great venture, good for you! I just made a donation and I was happy to do so.
    I would also like to know that I am a Boatman, among other things for a prep school in Mass. I am a rowing boat builder, repairer and rigger and I would like to offer my support in a technical way to your scheme. So if your boat needs something or if you have technical questions please do not hesitate to contact me at
    Rvanvoris@taboracademy.org or my phone 508 441 1644.
    Good luck and fair winds and tides.

  67. Hi Lewis
    Looking forward to seeing you ina few days in Palm Coast. What is your best guess as to arrival day? I am thrilled that youar doing so well, I’m sure you are going to make it

  68. hoping the wind is at your back, you are moving right along……

  69. Lewis,

    It was great meeting you! I wish you a safe adventure. You’ll look back on this one day and have nothing but great memories. Good luck!

  70. Lewis
    Just sent you an email.

  71. Lewis, hearing about the raccoons stealing your food broke my heart! I am so glad that Adam hooked you up with some food and ice. Keep on rowing, and don’t let any troubles that you encounter break your spirit. You are an inspiration!

  72. Hi Lewis
    Hope all is going well for you, you are an amazing person doing what you are doing Good Luck to you.

  73. Hi Lewis,

    What a divine appt. meeting you! We were very blessed to spend the little bit of time with you and Bill at the shores of Titusville bridge! We loved the pic of the sunset after you all made it over. Its always easier before the darkness sets in:)…..you should be past New Smyrna and up toward St. Augustine by now. We are keeping you in our prayers as you continue on this journey helping others by raising this money. Thank you for your courage and perserverence. Your name means “Dream” in Hebrew. God has given you this dream and you are going for it! God bless you and we will keep in touch! Patsy and Larry Cook

  74. My incredible mother has had Alzheimer’s for 12 1/2 years and she will hold you close to her heart throughout your journey. You may even be able to feel her love when things get rough:) Today is her birthday and we will toast you at her celebration. “Row Row Row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream”!

  75. Lewis, You are the man!!! I admire your passion and enthusiasm for your cause. I have a grandmother that had this terrible disease and my mother now has a form of it, God bless her too. I know it might get toughout there
    all alone, but realize that you have all of us is spirit and legions on your side all overt he world and of course – God above. Thank you for what you are doing. I wish you could see the video to one of my favorite inspiring songs, by Des’ree.

    “You ‘Gotta Be”

    “You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser
    You gotta be hard, you gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger
    You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm, you gotta stay together
    All I know, all I know, love will save the day”

    Link to YouTube video below:


    God bless you richly – stay strong and all the best to you buddy! I will try to keep in touch.

    Terry Byrne

  76. Lewis,
    When you make it near the Delaware bay we would love to have you for dinner and a night of sleep if need be. We live in Lewes Delaware, right at the mouth of the Delaware Bay. Please shoot me an email if you are interested. Good Luck!!

  77. What an inspirational thing to do! Good Luck rowing, and stay strong. Goals and change are achieved one step at time, one stroke, then another. As you row, you honor not only those who have touched your life, but others, like my father whose rich life ended with Alzheimers. Thank you. And Thank You for focusing the world on this forgotten disease. May your efforts continue to raise awareness and money for much needed research.
    Blessings from Austin, Texas.

  78. Lewis,
    Pleasure meeting you on the 25th and no worries about those charts….you did not have to tell us about getting lost, we know the area well especailly the twists & turns as you go north. Dont forget to use the tides to your advantage to push/pull you up the ICW. Good Luck!

  79. Wishing you the best of luck on your journey and true adventure! Keep fighting for the ones who can no longer fight and suffer from this terrible disease..

  80. good luck, your and inspiration…..

  81. Thank you for what you are doing for a great cause.
    stay safe and we are proud of you and many like
    you. God Bless

  82. Lewis,
    It was a pleasure meeting you at the Englerts in Palm Valley. Sorry we didn’t get to say good bye and good luck when you left on Monday, the 26th. Wanted to take a picture of you and your boat on our lift. You must have left at the crack of dawn!! Be careful and safe.

  83. It was a pleasure to meet you and wish you the best of success on your amazing journey. The King and Prince Resort team is so pleased you stayed here with us on St Simons Island on your way up the coast. My wife’s mom is battling this terrible disease, so thank you for taking on this challenge for a great cause. Enjoy the ride!

  84. My father-in-law is in the last stages of alzheimers, while my husband is in the early stages of early onset alzheimers, and is just now 46. It amazes me how little understanding people have of such a horrible condition. I think it is wonderful what you are doing. Anything to raise funds for research is a wonderful thing, but more than that, it is time to spread awareness of the disease, as well as the damage it can cause in the lives of the afflicted individuals, and their families.

  85. Hi Lewis,

    Wow you have rowed the entire State of Florida! Your doing great! When our kids were little and something was overwhelming to them I always asked “How do you eat an elephant?” They would smile and say “One bite at a time.” Just something silly to share with you along your way. We are all looking forward to meeting you when you get up our way:)

    Judy Bell

  86. I am so impressed! What a wonderful cause and a great challenge. I will look forward to watching you along the way!

  87. Hi, Lewis and God Bless you on your travel ……heard about you on News Source in Savannah, Ga. Just wishing you the best on your travel and praying for you as you set out will keep in touch….. what a blessing you are doing to help raise money for alzheimers. check back l

  88. Hi Lewis,
    Well, I hope you have fun in this Journey of your’s to make money for this horrible disease that takes hold of our loved ones, I hope you make more money thru your travels in life rather on ground or water. Be Safe out there, don’t forget your sun-screen..

  89. Hey Lewis,

    I noticed your GPS coordinates stopped tracking Tuesday evening near “Marshside Mama’s” restaurant on Daufuskie Island. I hope you’re getting a great meal!

  90. Oh, and congratulations on rowing past two states!

  91. You are a true inspiration, Lewis. For those of us familiar with the ICW, could you add your nearest statute mile marker at the end of the day? I’m looking forward to watching your progress toward MM185 where I live and beyond. I wish you fair winds and favorable currents.

  92. WOW!!! after the okeefeenokee, paula and michaels must have been like HEAVEN!!! hope your foot, hand and any, by now, non “jiggily bits”, are recovering properly! thought of you as you sped past hilton head yesterday. hope you were smiling if you heard all the rude tourist blowing their horns and screaming over parking places! please batten down properly. supposed to blow a gale friday!

  93. Keep safe, boring around here without you. We all had a great time.

  94. lewis just pulled into georgetown sc what is there to say about this young man. makes me feel under achieved. god bless him. on second thought he already has

    • Steve, we had Lewis for 3 days and all of us fell in love with him. He is an extraordinary human being and I cried after he left. We miss him a lot and saying lots of prayers that he stays safe. I worry about him every minute he is on the water. I hope people take care and look out for him the rest of the way up the coast. I am so proud of Lewis and he brought a bright light to our lives.

  95. Hey Lewis, What an inspiration you are to all of us!! We had the pleasure of meeting you on the docks of Harborwalk Marina in Georgetown, South Carolina 4/9/12. We will continue to pray for your journey and a safe trip. We pray you will double your goal amount for this cause!!! Blessings, Captain Rod and Fran

  96. Thank you for doing this. My mom was diagnosed 5 years ago. It is a very ugly disease. God Bless. Our prayers are with you

  97. Good luck and God bless you Lewis on your journey. I live in the Myrtle Beach, S.C. area and I hope to see you as you come through. Thank you for your integrity and spirit that leads you on your way.

  98. Thanks alot for doing this. My DADDY passed away March 22, 2012 at 4:13am with this dreadful disease. Best of luck. May GOD watch over you as you do this.

    Be Blessed

  99. Hello Lewis, I saw beautiful pictures of you in Myrtle Beach, taken by Robert Lukey, a dear friend of mine since school days! What a wonderful cause you are supporting. I wish you just the very best and pray that your journey will be safe and successful all the way! I am writing from Durban, South Africa.

    Love and blessings


  100. God Bless and Good Luck!
    My grandma has this terrible disease and I am so appreciative of people like you. Keep up the hard work!

  101. We are the second dock in North Carolina…just after you pass the Calabash River. Stop by for a cool drink and a sandwich.

  102. My mother passed away on March 22, 2012 at the age of 64. Our family is just in the beginning stages of healing from our loss, but your efforts on behalf of Alzheimer’s is inspiring and brings more comfort than I know how to describe. Many prayers for your safe journey!

  103. Lewis, So glad I got a chance to meet you Saturday night at the Alzhiemers Ball in Myrtle Beach, SC. You are such a unique person to give up so much for such a great cause. Take care of your hands. I will post your website on my Facebook page to get you further support and hopefully donations for Alzhiemers. Thank you. Nancy

  104. after all you’ve survived, you are smart enough to know the cape fear river/snows cut is NO PLACE for a leaky rowboat!!! lay up, and live to fight another day! PLEASE!!!

  105. Hi Lewis, No one would think any less of you, if you had to stop your journey because of an unseaworthy boat. Your main goal was to raise awareness and money towards this terrible disease. You have already done both:) If you do decide to stop your journey, the invitation to stay and visit with us is still on either way. I have emailed you our phone numbers a week or so ago. Please be safe!

  106. Good luck Lewis it was pleasure meeting you at St James marina and having the opportunity to chat with you. I the hope the patch on the boat serves you well.———Dave

  107. Hello Lewis, I’ve been following your journey every since you left Miami. But I learned about you 1 day too late so couldn’t host you for dinner as you passed my boat. But I read all your updates and enjoy your live GPS reports. Some of your photos your arms and hands look swollen and I know your voice update you said your body was falling apart from fatique. You need a compression top. It is a VERY tight fitting long sleeved shirt that provides compression to your entire upper body and will help reduce fatigue and hold you together and give all your working joints better support. You can probably buy one at a Sports Authority store. With all your wonderful supporters giving you gifts of love and food and support along your journy, maybe someone will go buy you a compression top which will surely help you make the rest of your journey across the finish line. My brother who rode his bicycle from Florida to California wore compression leggings and said they made a world of difference in his performance. Good luck and safe travels, I hope to hear in your voice updates that someone brought you a compression top shirt! 🙂 Love Barbie

  108. Hi Lewis, Just listened to your latest voice message about the bugs. They are awful down there and sounds like you have run into green head flies or should I say they have run into you. You mentioned rowing, so I take it your on the move again:) As of today…your GPS has not moved in 3 days was wondering if it is turned on? I know you mentioned you never know when or where you are going to stop…I understand what your saying so don’t feel pressured. Hope the water and winds stay calm for you. We will continue to watch your progress. Please be careful.

  109. thinking of you and watching progress every day. you have learned so much. stay committed dude, never know what will happen next on your BIG adventure.

  110. that was me on previous post under YOUR name, oooops

  111. Hi Lewis, we think about you all of the time and still wishing you the very best. Keep posting please. We are all really proud of you.


  112. Good luck on your journey Lewis!

  113. Hello Lewis,

    Excited to hear about someone else taking on the challenges of the eastern shores! A couple years back I rowed from Cleveland, OH to Key West Fl, taking the some of the same route you are on. You can check out my website for more details http://www.habitatcrew.com. I’m now living in Hampton,VA area and see that you are getting close to here(if not passed as the last location update I saw was 2 days ago). If you need any help finding a place to dock or want a dry place to sleep give me a call. 440-221-1382. Would be great to share stories of the high seas if you have the time. -Tom

  114. God Speed Lewis. You are a true inspiration! When you come thru the Va Beach area got a steak and a cold beer waiting for you.

  115. God Bless you for this. I lost my beloved Mother and Grandmother to this terrible disease It is wonderful to see someone as young as you are really understand what happens to those you love – and possibly to yourself eventually.
    I lost my ‘best friends’…
    God keep you safe and fair winds, son…

  116. Lewis,
    What a pleasure to meet you. We completely enjoyed your stay and it will bring good memories for years to come. We wish you the very best and especially easy rowing, mate. Hope to meet you again sometime…

  117. Lewis ! Met you in Mathews County VA at SouthWind. Good luck rowing! stay safe.

  118. Welcome to Washington, DC! You just rowed passed our boat at Ganplank Marina. Donation on the way. Be safe.

  119. Lewis,
    We are excited to have you here at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation and are looking forward to hearing you speak about your experience. My mom died of alzheimer’s last year…….I have forwarded your site to my siblings, and we will all be making donations!

  120. Lewis – I met you day number one in Hollywood, Florida and then seven days later in Jensen Beach, Florida. We are on our way to New York to meet you as you complete your journey. I am bringing almost my whole family, Connie and Brian who you already met along with Jason and his girlfriend, Meranda. The only one missing is Matt who is in Uganda on a missionary trip. We shall celebrate your success.

  121. Good to have met you. (The Inn at Mount Vernon).

    Enjoy the trip, good luck for completing and raising this money for such a good cause.

    Best wishes


  122. Have a safe journey! Your Delaware City fan club!

  123. You’re almost there! It’s so cool that you’ve made it this far. Keep it up!

  124. Was an honor to welcome you to Cape May, New Jersey yesterday. Having lost 2 uncles to this horrible disease, this is a cause close to my heart. Keep up the positive spirit!

  125. Hi Lewis! It was great to have you stop to see us in Sea Isle City, New Jersey yesterday. I hope my house and good friend Carolyn made your stay comfortable. Please keep your Key To The City in case you ever come back again!! If you need help with your boat when you get to New York, you can count on me to personally come up with a trailer to help you and/or tow it back to New Jersey and stay with us (really!!!) until you can make other arrangements. The rest of my family would love to meet you. Be safe and best of luck with the rest of your trip!!!

  126. Lewis, absolutely fantastic. I hear you are about to arrive in the Big A. I will do all I can to get you some coverage! Well done and really looking forward to seeing you and hearing your tales! Love Charmian and gang

  127. 2 days and I’ll be able to eat crisps again!!

  128. Dear Lewis,

    Good luck with the next few days – welcome home!

  129. Dear Lewis

  130. Sorry about hiccups
    Dear Lewis,

    Can it be true that you’re due to moor alongside the Intrepid (such an appropriate name) in a mere handful of days? We’ve followed your jouorney with admiration and near disbelief. Our relief that you made it safely is tempered with regret that
    we’ll no longer have your stylish bulletins to look forward to.

    Hoping to see you soon – lots of love

    Grandad and Grandma l

    Hoping to see you soon – lots of love –

    Grandma and Grandad

    Sorry about previous two hiccups

    Grandad and Grandma

    Dear Lewis,
    Can it be true that you’re due to moor alongside the Intrepid (such an appropriate name) in a mere handful of days?

    We’ve followed your journey with admiration and near disbelieef. Our relief that you made it safely is tempered only with regret that we’ll no longer have your stylish bulletins to look forward to,

    Looking forward to seeing you soon –

  131. Dear Lewis
    Can it be true that you are to moor alongside the Intrepid (such an appropriate name) in a mere handful of days? We’ve followed your journey with admiration and near disbelief ; our relief that you made it safely is tempered only with regret that we no longer have your stylish bulletins to look forward to. Hoping to see you soon; lots of love Granddad and Grandma x

  132. Hey Lewis….was a pleasure to meet u & help u on your quest.uHop&e tle sandy hook bay & raritan bay are kind to you today, & u reach the narrows quickly & safely. We r al rooting 4 u. May the wind & tides b with u….your almost there…cheers! Terry T.

  133. Last Day Lad….May the Wind and Tide be with YOU!
    You are an inspiration to many……and a wonderful asset to the awareness of the the cause for which you have devoted yourself.
    Godspeed Lewis!

  134. We learned about you in school and watched your video. We think you are an inspiration for many people. Your goal to raise awareness for Alzheimers is awesome! We are going to follow you until you finish your goal. GOOD LUCK LEWIS!!

  135. Congrats Lewis for enduring so much for such a great cause.

    I hope someone in NYC or elsewhere will help you reach your fund-raising goal this week.

    I enjoyed meeting you in Charleston. Good luck in your future pursuits.

  136. I am in Mrs. Gilmans class. We think you are a nice man. We spent the day learning about you. We know you are making history. Good job

  137. A bittersweet ending to an incredible accomplishment.
    I was honored to be among those who were there to share in your finish.
    Enjoy NYC and may the force be with you!

    Your “Jersey” friend,
    Capt. Art

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